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With a 95% + success rate, I will guide you through the steps of eliminating your Colitis and Crohn's symptoms without drugs. You'll learn how to stay that way just like my clients and I have done. You can get normal test scores & normal colonoscopy results. Join us.

You'll Learn About All Of The Below And More

This is your complete guide to healing
  • What To Eat For Each Stage of Your Healing
  • Supplements:  Specific & Not Overwhelming
  • Probiotics & Fermented Foods:  How To Use Them
  • ​Cheating: What Counts & How Often You Can Cheat
  • ​Eating Out & Travel: How To Dine & Travel Safely
  • ​Alcohol:  How Much, How Often, & What To Drink
  • Caffeine:  Which Caffeine Sources To Choose & Avoid
  • Maintenance: How To  STAY Symptom Free
  • ​How To Live Without Drugs:  ONLY IF You Want To..
  • ​Self Care: How To Create A Plan That Works
  • Exercise: Guidance For Each Stage Of Healing
  • How To Let Go Of Negativity & Start Living Your Life
  • Self Talk:  How To Manifest Your New, Healthy Reality
  • The Future:  Using Intuition Instead Of A Food List
"I Am So Tired Of All The Clickbait You Are Sold Online"
I was diagnosed with IBD back in 2006 when I was in my first year of college in England, and have been living with IBD for longer than most. The diagnosis was Pancolitis (a severe form of Ulcerative Colitis) as my whole colon was inflamed, severely ulcerated, & bleeding.

It was later suspected to be Crohn's Disease as I also had issues with my small bowel & systemic issues with my skin, hair & joints.

I lost around 35 lbs in my first flare, and all of my confidence along with it. It was hell, and it completely ruined my life. In fact, it was so bad that my doctor discussed a colectomy with me, which I refused..

Years later, I'm glad I refused it. Because with the knowledge I now have, I know it is possible to live drug free & symptom free, & have a completely normal life.

I've been living this way for many years now and my mission is to share exactly what my clients & I are doing.

Come and join us.

Steven Root
Integrative Nutrition Coach
[Institute for Integrative Nutrition]

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide food lists?
Yes, specific food lists are provided, plus advice on quantities, frequency, and how you can plan your day. All eating styles & belief systems are catered to, including meat-eaters, veganism, vegetarianism, halal etc.
Will I need supplements?
I use supplements vary sparingly. The human body does not need a lot of them to heal. Most clients use between 2-3 supplements initially, and 0-2 by the end of the program. You’ll learn to trust your body instead of pills.
Will I be able to get off drugs?
I haven’t taken drugs for 12+ years and I help my clients to do the same, IF that is their wish – not everyone wants to. I am not against drugs. They have saved many lives and can be useful. This is entirely your decision.
Will I ever have a normal life?
You absolutely can. In fact, I’d comment that the choices you’ll start making as a result of this program will set you up for having better relationships, being more effective in your career, being fitter, and being able to travel, eat out, etc.
I'm young / old, can you help?
It is never too early or late to get your diet and lifestyle on point. I’ve worked with people right the way from pre-teen to people in their 80’s. Eating the right food and managing environmental factors pays dividends no matter your age.
I'm from outside the US..?
I work with clients all over the world. In fact, probably 40% of my clients are from European, Asian & Australasian timezones. We always find a suitable time to speak and it hasn’t affected any client engagements.

Viliam, Czech Republic

"Hi Steve,

How is life going anyway ?

Mine has been good so far. I am so grateful for what I've experienced and learned throughout previous year. I feel strong and healthy with confidence that I am on the right track to nourish this body and mind and get the most of the life. And I want to thank you again for the time I had the opportunity to work with you and for the insiration and hope you gave me.

Winter is slowly going away in Europe and I am really looking forward to get some tan and warm into my bones. I am responibly getting into shape for summer and still enjoying the "diet" - I think I gained at least 8kgs of lean mass since Ive started following your programme, this is so great and I feel f*cking amazing. 😀

My digestion seems really in a good shape, zero symptoms at all and I think it is still improving.

Photo below is from my cold exposure trip and the other one is closer look on my current shape, still in progress but I am so happy about it, so I want to share it. 😀

The last one is my colonoscopy result - colon clean and healthy, like a newborn baby - just amazing. Feel free to use these if you like, as a proof for others that results can be achieved, if the job is done !

I wish you all the best for the following days.

Take care my friend !
You don't need to keep living like this.
The time to start is now.